have faith in yourself. you can do this. don’t let go.

craving more ink after getting my third tattoo on Tuesday. I want moooooooore.

can’t stop staring at my foot. I love my new tattooooo :) (Taken with instagram)

Anonymous said: why did you get a cross?

well, anon, there are a FEW reasons why I got a cross:

  • I’m fascinated by religion. 
  • I’ve been struggling greatly with my faith lately
  • I needed a reminder that God will always guide me, no matter what
  • because I wanted one
tattoo and new tapers

Anonymous said: your tats are so cute! what other ones do you want/have?

thanks! :) 

I’m getting:

"she will be loved" across my ribs on the right side (getting that in two weeks!)

"seek peace and pursue it Psalm 34:14" on my feet like down by my toes so it goes across both feet

a ship wheel with a banner above it saying “be the ones to guide me” and below it with my parents’ initials on my right shoulder/back. I want that one to be full color with all the bright like blues and reds and stuff.

"have faith" either on my wrists or right under my collar bone

uummm I think that’s all I really have planned for now, but I’m sure there will be plenty more :)

aw I love my tattoo (Taken with instagram)